Vintage Allies welcomes Letters and Articles to the Editor on subjects of interest to lovers of vintage or as vintage relates unto today. Each letter or article must include the name, address, and phone number of the writer.

All letters or articles are subject to editing for fun, flair, style, sincerity, insincerity, taste, sense, and conciseness. Brief and to the point are usually the standard, however, we don’t rule out long and pointless.

A thousand words is the limit here in our Vintage Allies’ outer limits. We do often publish most letters or articles, but not all. The editor has the final choice of selection. Letters or articles will normally be published in the week they are received, but not always. We may choose to wait until we feel in ‘the mood’.

If your letters and articles have impressed us greatly, we may inquire as to your grasp on reality. If found having none, we may also invite you to become a part of our Vintage Allies Cast and Crew of Reporters and Contributors. Of course, we also appreciate seriously sublime letters and articles, while hold no harsh feelings toward your sensitivities.  We may ask you to be on our Cast and Crew, as well.

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