America’s premier gambling destination, Las Vegas ranks among the world’s top show business destinations! This city of lights and stars is bigger and better than anywhere with a population of 2 million and another 40 million plus flooding in annually to gamble, shop and eat.

By day it’s impressive, but by night?  It’s unbeatably breathtaking!

This sleepy western town on Nevada’s last frontier transformed into a gambling mecca when the Nevada Legislature repealed its gambling ban in 1931.  Later that year, Pair-O-Dice Club opened on Highway 91, now known as the famous Las Vegas Strip….and the rest is history.

Listen to ‘Voices of Vegas’ as stories are shared about the atomic bomb testing, reclusive Howard Hughes, and show girls.

You may be intrigued with the Mob History in Las Vegas, NV.

Find the names of some of America’s legendary superstars written on the streets of Vegas!

Take a trip on the Strip.

A few fast facts…

Las Vegas translates to “the meadows” in Spanish. It’s here you’ll find over 209,000 slot machines operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Vegas casinos offer $3 million in giveaways every day and it would take visitors 288 years to overnight in every hotel room available. This gambling vacation destination boasts issuance of over 110,000 marriage licenses each year.

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