In a interview with Rebecca Parsons, Victoria Silva shares inspired insights and a way of life:


Today, Victoria is an ambassador of feminine tradition, timeless, time honored celebrations and remains intent on keeping this essential heritage alive. She transforms women, with her popular on-line study courses, and self-sustaining classes like hand-blending your own essential oils and how to make your own organic bath products. Victoria has lovingly created the Feminine Chic Boutique, brimming with own signature hand crafted products.

As a key contributor in the Ladies Parlor of Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting, Victoria inspires women globally.

Nurture your soul, while awakening your authentic feminine spirit? Share Victoria’s passion and love for the old world, homage to traditions and feminine celebrations of bygone years.


Vintage Allies Ace Reporter, Rebecca Parsons, is the Founder of Creative Compass Magazine!

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