Imagine if you will, the sultry lounge music of Stan Kenton, George Shearing, Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra that emanated from the nether regions of party central reminding everyone they were a part of the larger cool; softened room lights that smoldered sophistication and created a largess of confidence; beautiful people who were dressed in chic attire, sipped from bottles of the good stuff, or caressed Martinis, Manhattans and Cosmopolitans before their ice cubes renewed yet another friendship with the cocktail shaker. ¬†Others absently taste tested serious hors d’oeuvres and finger foods amidst the hazy cloud of cigarette smoke, while they merged and mingled with one another. ¬†Their murmurs were often interrupted with short bursts of intimate, knowing laughter and the constant swish of nylons pressed against a plethora of fabrics; and the occasionally discarded, if only momentarily, high heels that littered the tiled floors… ah, yes, the cocktail party crowd… the jet-setters.

The 1950s swingers were not novices when it came to a great cocktail party, and networking. They were erudite, cosmopolitan and very continental.


“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

“All About Eve”…”Fasten your safety belts…it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

How about a little cocktail music to go with that drink and necktie?

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