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September 15, 2016 – World News Headlines

A House intelligence committee report on the former National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, says he’s not a whistleblower and that the vast majority of the documents he stole were military and defense secrets that had nothing to do with Americans’ privacy., contractor did tremendous damage to the U.S.  (PBS)

Sandra Bland’s family reaches $1.9 million settlement with Texas authorities. Bland was previously pulled over and jailed last July for allegedly failing to signal while changing a lane. (CBS)

Federal consumer safety regulators formally recalled 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after dozens of users reported the device caught fire while charging. (CNN)

Presidential candidate, Donald J.Trump Releases Medical Information In Doctor’s Letter.

Military Bases Serve As Safe Haven For Endangered Species.  (NPR)

Chemicals In Drinking Water Prompt Inspections Of U.S. Military Bases.  (NPR)

A ceasefire that began Monday in Syria is experiencing partial success however, desperately needed humanitarian aid has not yet arrived. (FOXNews)

Birmingham, AL leaders call for President Obama to declare the City’s Civil Rights district to be declared a national park.

Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail Thursday after spending three days recovering at home from pneumonia. (Business Insider)

Employees sue for better deals on 401(k) options.

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