Today, NCA is the major association representing the entire confection industry, offering education and leadership in manufacturing, technical research, public relations, retailing practices, statistical analyses and government relations. They also foster the industry growth by advancing and promoting the interests of the confectionery industry and its consumers.

Affiliated Organizations are:

•World Cocoa Foundation

The World Cocoa Foundation supports cocoa farmers and their families worldwide. WCF programs raise farmer incomes, encourage responsible, sustainable cocoa farming and strengthen communities.

•Retail Confectioners International

Retail Confectioners International exists as a not-for-profit trade association founded in Chicago in 1917. Its membership is composed of the most prominent manufacturing retailers of quality boxed chocolate and other confectionery products throughout the U.S., Canada and overseas. For over 90 years, RCI has represented the interests of confectionery manufacturing retailers, and has promoted public interest in these products. RCI is the only trade association in North America dedicated specifically to this niche of the confectionery industry.

•International Confectionery Association

The International Confectionery Association brings together the interests of the global confectionery industry and represents and promotes these interests internationally. ICA facilitates, coordinates and communicates international scientific, regulatory and public affairs information while promoting and representing the interests of the confectionery industry in a collaborative and responsible manner.

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